This package contains three sets of 50 cards (Beseda na dan 1, Beseda na dan 2 in Beseda na dan 3), presenting:

  • basic greetings (Good morning, See you, Have a nice time! …)
  • phrases for speaking polite (Excuse me, Say hi to X!, Fingers crossed! …)
  • question words (When?, At what time, Is it possible …? …)
  • different verbs (to speak, to must, to be in a hurry …)
  • different adverbs (a few, obviously, by any chance …)
  • different particles (really, more/yet, quite …)
  • very frequent phrases (No problem!, I’ll let you know!, by coincidence …)
  • different adjectives and phrases containing them (to be used to, something else, nothing special …) and
  • different conjunctions (and, but, otherwise, namely …).

There’s a basic word or phrase with some typical examples in Slovene on the front side, and the English translation on the back side.

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